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COD Warzone Mobile screenshots leak from alpha test

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(Pocket-lint) – Call of Duty Warzone is on its way to mobile, but that process can take plenty of time, as evidenced by how long it took Apex Legends Mobile to release, so it might still be quite a long way off.

That said, it seems the game is going through its first phase of private testing, as screenshots from what is purpotedly the game’s closed alpha version have leaked online.

Activision has been copyright striking the images where they’ve appeared on social media, but this hasn’t stopped them from spreading and giving some indications about what the game will offer.

For one thing, the huge revelation is that the game will use Warzone’s original Verdansk map, as evidenced by a screenshot of a player airdropping above some of its iconic locations, including Port and Downtown.

Other screens show first-person shots of the Gulag, where players can fight to get a chance to redeploy after they’ve been killed, and some shots of the player with their boots on the ground (or a rooftop, in one case).

The images are extremely grainy and low-resolution, so we’re not learning a huge amount about what Warzone will look like on mobile, but it still makes for good news for anyone who’s played Warzone and missed Verdansk (which is to say, most of its players).

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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