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Unnecessary inventions that are hilariously useless

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(Pocket-lint) – There’s a hilarious Instagram account known as Unnecessary Inventions that’s dedicated to creating weird and wonderful gadgets that no one really needs. 

The account is run by Matt Benedetto, an entrepreneur and product designer with a flair for the bonkers. The account is dedicated to “Solving the world’s problems that don’t exist” which is a pretty fair summary of the sort of content you can expect. 

We love it though, take a journey with us through some of the best gadgets and gizmos to see if there’s anything you’d like to see become a reality. 

Snout Snuggy

Ever suffered from problems with a cold nose in the wintertime? Well, you’ve seen ear muffs, think of the Snout Snuggy like muffs for your nose. Now you can be warm and look amazing at the same time. And yes, it’s faux fur. 

Shopper Stopper

This unnecessary invention is to stop you from accidentally clicking on the shopping tab on Instagram. 

We can actually see it being useful for preventing other things as well. 


Ever wonder if man’s best friend could get any better?

Surely the addition of opposable thumbs would make a game of fetch more interesting if nothing else.

These 3D printed pouch appendages are bound to entertain and get you some strange looks as you take Fido for a stroll if nothing else. 


Forever losing your Apple Airpods? Or simply worried that you might misplace them? Also a fiend for oriental food and wolfing down a good meal with some chopsticks? Then the Airsticks might be the perfect solution for you. 

“The perfect accessory for your Apple AirPods. Enjoy your favourite sushi on the go and never leave your chopsticks behind.”

The Pillow One S

If you’ve blown plenty of money on the latest flagship smartphone then you no doubt want to look after it and keep it in great shape. Why not treat it to its own bed? 

This new invention, known as the Pillow One S is “A bed in a box for your smartphone…Your phone works just as hard as you do, it deserves a good night charge.”

The Finglonger

The Finglonger is a new device inspired by the cartoon classic Futurama. In the show, Professor Farnsworth jealously shows off the Fing-Longer – an elegantly simple finger extender invented by someone else. Perfect for handing out mission briefings or reaching new distances with ease. 

“Reach new heights like never before! Extend your abilities on any finger to finally reach what you simply never could before.”

The Front2Back Case

Daydreaming about folding phones? Or just think that phone camera technology isn’t quite exciting enough?

How about two phones, in the same case, so you can snap a selfie and a forward-facing photo at the same time. Plus you’ll always have two mobiles with you, so if one runs out of battery you don’t even need to worry about recharging. 

“Quit only getting photos of your friends when you know you are looking good! The Front2Back Case combines two iPhone cases that perfect expose the cameras in each direction, so you can always have your second spare iPhone with you. Selfie away. ” 

The Inferno Knuckles

If home defence is always at the forefront of your mind, but you’re worried about fumbling in the dark for a light switch when you hear someone breaking in, then this might be the solution. 

The Inferno Knuckles is a knuckle duster and candlestick holder combo that lights your way and acts as a brilliant defensive tool too. 

The Hoverbrella

There’s no denying that drones are becoming more and more popular. With the recent news that companies like Amazon and Google are getting into drones for commercial use, we’re only bound to see more and more in the skies above us in the years to come. 

Sure, drones have many uses, but Matt Benedetto has certainly dreamt up a thoroughly British one here. A hands-free umbrella solution that does all the work for you. 

The Hoverbrella is designed to allow users to “Enjoy a rainy day without the hassle of having to carry an umbrella. Go hands-free and stay completely dry as it follows you around wherever you need to go!”

Verified Burst Your Bubble Belt Buckle

Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of popping bubble wrap? Such a satisfying thing to do. But sometimes you just can’t do it fast enough.

Well, good news, with this unnecessary invention you can pop multiple air bubbles at once, all from a convenient belt buckle too. 

Avocado On A Stick

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with avocado but a loathing for how much hassle they can be to cut up and spread neatly on your toast? Worry no more as the new product – Avocado On A Stick is here to ease your woes. We’d imagine it doesn’t help with how quickly the avocado ripens and goes off though, so better get spreading fast. 

“Now make your favourite snack faster than ever at home or on the go…on a stick!”


Are your usual sunglasses letting in too much light or not giving you quite enough privacy? Are you looking to start a new fashion trend? Then SunShaders might be the product for you – stylish blinds for your sunglasses.

“Get more of your sunglasses with your own shades for your shades. Whether you need to block out more light, spy through the blinds, or block out haters – wear them up, down, or closed with your favourite pair of sunglasses.”

The Sip N Curl

If you love smashing out biceps curls but also can’t resist a good spot of ale, then this next invention is a Godsend.

A set of detachable dumbbells for your favourite can of beer so you can always be getting in the gains, even when getting blasted. Ideal. The Sip N Curl is every gym goer’s dream.


If follower counts really matter and you live your life by how many people (or bots) are viewing your content, then this new device may well be for you.

It will certainly help keep you motivated as it shows how many people there are in the world who aren’t following you. Think of it as a potential follower count – inspiring! 


This is the perfect invention if you love laying in bed binging Netflix but don’t want the hassle of actually holding your phone.

Using NASA-grade suction cups and heavy-duty paracord, the iDangle keeps your phone in the perfect viewing angle, right in your eye-line. Lazy viewing has never been easier or more relaxing. 


This fantastic helmet is not what you think. It’s not a portable fan for blowing cooling air constantly on your face (that would actually be useful). Instead, it’s a device for keeping unpleasant smells at bay.

“Did Karen bring fish for lunch again or maybe Chad has too much cologne on? This odour blocking helmet conveniently spins a high powered fan around your head to dispel any foul smells. Surround yourself with only the air!”


If you’re forever losing your Apple Airpods and your solution is just to bulk buy them so you never have to worry about losing them again, then this invention is for you!

It’s a box for putting all your Airpods in that even comes with a handy strap to tie to your waist. The perfect gift for someone who has it all. 

The Baguette Pack

If there’s nothing you enjoy more in life than a delicious, extra-long baguette then this invention may be just what you need. Take your fancy sandwich with you anywhere with this bread-carrying-backpack. Wonderful. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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