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The Google Pixel Watch will have its own dedicated app

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(Pocket-lint) – The much anticipated Google Pixel Watch will be launching with its own app, alongside the familiar Wear OS app, according to a report from 9to5Google.

After digging into the latest Google Play Services beta, the team was able to uncover a settings page for “Smart Unlock” – a feature that enables you to automatically unlock your Android phone, when your watch is unlocked, on your wrist and close to your phone.

Early this year, Google announced that eligible Wear OS 3 devices would soon be getting this capability and many presumed it would debut with the Pixel Watch.

9to5GoogleThe Google Pixel Watch will have its own dedicated app at launch photo 2

While the settings page doesn’t give away too much, there is one surprising aspect, found in the text under the option to “Add a device.”

What is the Pocket-lint daily and how do you get it for free?

Here it states that you’ll need to use the “Google Pixel Watch app” to set up and connect your smartwatch.

We imagine it will be similar to the only Wear OS 3 watch you can currently buy, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which also uses its own separate app.

It’s hard to say exactly what the Pixel Watch app will allow you to do, but, if nothing else, it’ll provide a much-needed Material You makeover for the tired-looking Wear OS app.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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