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Best Arlo deals for Amazon Prime Day 2022

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(Pocket-lint) – Amazon Prime Day represents a superb opportunity for those looking to kit out their home with Arlo products. 

Whether you’re looking for a full-home smart camera system or a humble smart video doorbell, Arlo has wares to keep your home secure. There’s support for smartphone-controlled cameras, motion detection and night vision – all with free online video storage for seven days.

No discount is too small when you’re trying to pick up Arlo gear, however, which is where this dedicated Prime Day deals guide comes into play. We’ve created this hub to preview the Amazon sales event, as well as give you a brief overview of the products typically on offer.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

It’s not yet clear what date Amazon Prime Day will take place. 

Over the past few years, it’s moved around more than usual – and that makes it hard to predict. In 2019, it took place on 15 July. In 2020, it was delayed and spread over two days, 13-14 October. And in 2021, it all kicked off on 21-22 June.

With that said, we do know that Prime Day will be held in July 2022. The exact date, as we say, isn’t yet confirmed, but it’s likely to be in the middle of the month, we think.

If Amazon’s previous form from the last couple of years is anything to go by, it’s also likely to last a couple of days, which doesn’t give you tons of time to take advantage of the bargains (or strictly make any sense, since it’s called ‘Prime Day’).

What Arlo products will be on sale for Amazon Prime Day?

Arlo products aren’t usually too difficult to predict when it comes to sales events like Amazon Prime Day. 

In past events, we’ve seen everything from the flagship Arlo Ultra 2 to the entry-level Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera receive healthy price cuts, with mid-range devices like the Arlo Pro series and the company’s doorbells also included.

While we don’t know anything official just yet, of course, we wouldn’t expect any huge change of tactic here – we’re expecting everything in the Arlo range to receive some kind of discount. 

The extent of that discount does fluctuate, but, as with most other deals, the more expensive packages (an Arlo Pro 4 system with four cameras, for example) will see a bigger percentage snipped off. 

We’ll get into the specifics regarding each range below, but, as a final general note, remember that deals for the same security camera package will be available in one colour and not another. So, we’d suggest being open to both the white finish and black colourway if you’re hunting down the best savings. 

Do I need to be an Amazon Prime member?

Yes. Since Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive sales event for Prime members, you will need to be signed up.

For those who don’t have a Prime membership, there’s a 30-day free trial available before you’ll start paying. This not only gives you access to Prime Day savings, but also free delivery on Amazon, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and more.


Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Pro 4 deals

  • We’ll update this section with Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Pro 4 deals during Amazon Prime Day

Both of these Arlo systems are elite options when compared to rivals, giving you wire-free cameras that provide two-way audio and excellent video quality. If recent sales events are anything to go by, Pro 3 and Pro 4 sales will be available in the most variations (in terms of the cameras offered).

If you’re doing some Prime Day planning and you’re wondering what the difference is between the two generations, well, there’s not much to note, really. Save for the Pro 3’s reliance on the hub, these are both superb, similar security systems – and that makes it easy to recommend both. 


In our Arlo Pro 3 review, we praised the modular nature of the system, the 2K resolution, night vision and the support for smart assistants. 

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If you’re new to Arlo, the Pro 4 is slightly more user-friendly, but, unless the price difference is negligible, you can’t really lose here.


Arlo Ultra and Arlo Ultra 2 deals

  • We’ll update this section with Arlo Ultra and Arlo Ultra 2 deals during Amazon Prime Day

Like the Arlo Pro 3 line, the former flagship, Arlo Ultra, has now been replaced by a slightly more advanced system, the Ultra 2. Whichever way you slice it, both are supreme options for those looking for the best in camera security this Prime Day.


There’s a wide range of features, everything is wire-free and the battery life is excellent. The price is exceptionally high, though, which is all the more reason to take advantage of any deal that potentially pops up.

To give you a taste of what you can expect, we said in our Arlo Ultra review: “It represents some of the best outdoor security that you’ll find. The combination of 4K and HDR, good night vision and control over motion detection and the notifications you can receive all go some way to justifying the lofty price.”


Arlo smart video doorbell deals

It isn’t just the Arlo Pro and Arlo Ultra ranges that receive discounts on Prime Day, of course – there are also regular deals on Arlo’s two video doorbells. Often, they come paired with one of the company’s security camera systems, too, so watch out for that if you really want to kit out your home.


Whether you pick the Arlo Video Doorbell or the Arlo Wire-Free Video Doorbell will largely depend on your existing, non-smart doorbell – and whether you want to fork out for the simplicity of the latter – but both are really excellent options we’d happily recommend. 

You will need an Arlo Smart Plan in order to get the most out of either, but, in our review of the Arlo Wire-Free Video Doorbell, we praised its ability to rival established competitors.

“This doorbell is a little on the large side, but the calling mechanism and quick replies, quality of the video, and potential for integration into other systems – not to mention folding it into an existing Arlo system – make it rather easy to recommend.”


Writing by Conor Allison.

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