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Tag Heuer is the latest brand to embrace NFTs

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(Pocket-lint) – Tag Heuer has announced that it is embracing the somewhat nebulous Web3 transition, with its first foray being to allow users of its Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch to show off some of their NFTs right on their watchface.

It’s only the one watch getting the functionality for now, but Tag says this is only the start of a push in the same direction, so it could expand to more of its older models over time, for all we know.

At launch, TAG has partnered with collections of NFTs from four sources: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunk, CLONE-X or WOW. You can display any NFT that you’ve got on either Ledger or Metamask, though.

That certainly accounts for the two most valuable collections on the market by far in the form of BAYC and Cryptopunk.

It would be interesting to survey the Venn diagram of those who have a fairly pricey Tag Heuer smartwatch and those who are also all in on NFTs, but either way the timing of the announcement could probably have gone better.

The NFT market is in the middle of a massive fluctuation that’s seeing base prices tumble and many people’s investments are in real danger, while the cryptocurrency market more widely undergoes a similarly alarming downturn.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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