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YouTube adds new feature dubbed ‘Corrections’ to help creators fix mistakes

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You may not be a YouTube Creator, but imagine being one, recording a video, uploading it to then realize you’ve said something weird (or well, something you didn’t intend to), or you made a mistake (signaled by one of your followers or something).

What a good YouTuber should do in this scenario is probably, pin a comment fixing the mistake (risking to be unnoticed by some viewers). But now YouTube is going to make correcting mistakes in an already uploaded video remarkably easier, reports The Verge. That’s right, YouTubers will be getting a ‘Corrections’ option.

YouTube introducing a correction option for already uploaded videos

Sometimes, fixing a mistake could make people delete and re-upload a video, but this method is indeed very unproductive given the fact that it means you lose all the comments (hopefully, your vid got plenty of them!) and likes and what not. And of course, few people would opt for this option. This meant that to address an error in your video, you needed to pin a comment or write about the error in the description. Yes, as we already mentioned, that way it may go unnoticed by some viewers.

Now, YouTube is addressing the issue by introducing a new feature dubbed “corrections”. Thanks to it, creators will be able to easily add corrections to a video that are more obvious to the viewers and don’t require the vid to be taken down.

Corrections will appear as an infocard in the top right-hand corner of a video, of course, at the relevant timestamp. However, keep in mind that at the moment, the infocard appears after every video chapter, so if you don’t have chapters in your video, it should appear only once.

On the other side of the screen, viewers will be able to click on the card and it will expand the notes about the correction.

Google has provided full instructions on how to use the new feature in a support document. This new feature should make being a YouTuber a tad easier, as well as make your experience watching videos on YouTube more informative (after all, even if a YouTuber you like made a mistake, you should know about it, right?)

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