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How to set up Paramount+ on Sky Q and Sky Glass

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(Pocket-lint) – Paramount+ has launched in the UK. The new streaming service is the home to Star Trek, the Halo TV series and many more shows and films. It is also free for many Sky Q and Sky Glass customers.

Normally £6.99 per month, the service comes at no extra cost to Sky Cinema subscribers. What’s more, once you’ve activated a Paramount+ account through Sky you can use any of the mobile, web and TV apps.

Alternatively, if you aren’t a Sky Cinema subscriber, you can still watch Paramount+ content through the app on your Sky device.

Here’s how to set it up.

How to set up Paramount+ on Sky Q and Sky Glass

Paramount+ is now available on both Sky Q and Sky Glass. To set it up, either find the app in the Apps section of the homescree or use voice by saying “Paramount Plus” to either your voice remote or, on Sky Glass, the TV’s microphone (by saying “Hello Sky” first).

Once open, the app will offer two options: “Get Paramount+” and “Sign in with Paramount+“.

If you are a Sky Cinema subscriber, click on “Get Paramount+“. If you just want to subscribe to Paramount+ separately, head to paramountplus.com, create an account, return and hit the other option to enter your sign in details.

Sky users who click on “Get Paramount+” will be treated to a screen featuring a QR code to scan using a tablet or phone. There’s also a web address if you prefer to use a PC. This takes you to a Sky.com page whereby you can activate Paramount+ using your Sky ID.

Once done, you will then be directed to Paramount+ itself to create your free account.

Return to your Sky device, open the Paramount+ app again and this time click “Sign in with Paramount+“.

Enter your newly created details and away you go. You can also create profiles for the whole family, including age-locked profiles for kids.

Is Paramount+ available on Now?

Sadly, you cannot link a Paramount+ account to your Now subscription, even if you have Cinema membership.

However, due to a deal between Sky and Paramount, you will find a whole lot of new Paramount-owned movies available to stream.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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